Commercial Vehicle Kits

INsulated kits

When considering your choice of insulated bodywork, we hope that you consider the CVR Insulated kit

CVR Insulated body kits are manufactured to suit a variety of temperature controlled applications, from ambient to frozen.

The CVR insulated body kit incorporates panels manufactured with RTM Styrofoam insulation with GRP/ply inner and outer skins offering strength and thermal performance. The panels are supplied fully rebated with reinforcements such asĀ  fridge mounting frame and floor cross members. Floors can be supplied,as an option, with a carborundum gritted non-slip finish or 5 bar aluminium tread plate.

A stainless steel rear frame is standard and can be supplied with pre-hung, fully sealed double, triple or single doors. Stainless steel locks and hinges are also standard. Side access doors are also available if required.

The CVR kit comes with a suite aluminium extrusions, adhesive, sealant and stainless steel fasteners.


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