About Us

Quality Statement

  • To do things right the first time, by working as a company-wide team in building quality into our products and services.
  • To focus on customers' needs, and then plan our actions accordingly to fulfil needs.
  • To continuously improve our products and services delivered to our customers.

1 Introduction

CVR is dedicated to supplying high quality products which meet the requirements of our Customers in a manner consistent with high Ethical standards. CVR aims to ensure consistently high standards of quality, environmental control and ethical behaviour .We will actively support any additional special requirements, for example ‘Green’ initiatives and programmes, of our Customers.

2 Definitions

The following terms as used in this document have the meaning set forth below respectively:
1. “GOODS” means the goods sold by CVR to its Customers.
2. “PRODUCT” means the goods manufactured by the Customer, using the GOODS provided by CVR.

3 Purpose of this Statement

As detailed in this document, CVR commits to assure the quality of the GOODS.

4 Term

This Statement applies for the duration of the supply of GOODS and subsequent warranty period as defined in CVRs then current standard terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment; nothing in this Statement shall be deemed to extend or increase CVR’s obligations or Customer’s rights and remedies relating to defects in GOODS beyond such standard terms and conditions.

5 Quality Assurance

5.1 Quality Goal
CVR’s quality goal is to supply defect-free GOODS. All problems impacting this goal will be reviewed, and improvement sought. Performance relating to this goal is reviewed internally and with CVRs suppliers, if necessary.

5.2 Quality System
CVR provides a dedicated quality focus to ensure that compliance with our goals and commitment detailed in this statement are reviewed at the highest level CVR is currently working on the introduction of a quality system covering production and delivery in order to assure the quality of the GOODS supplied; this System will be accredited to ISO 9002.

6 Process Improvement

CVR carry out ongoing activities for process improvement. Such process improvements include determination of root cause, short-term and long-term corrective action plan, and confirmation of effectiveness of corrective action. Specifically, all reported GOODS failures experienced by a Customer will be analysed to determine cause, corrective and preventive action, as described below.

7 Quality Improvement

In addition to its goal of supplying defect-free GOODS, CVR is committed to supporting its Customers in eliminating failures in the Customer’s PRODUCT insofar as the Customer reasonably believes them to be caused by defects in the GOODS. CVR request that its Customers assist in this process by timely reporting of failures relating to the GOODS. Where appropriate, CVR also request that Customers provide additional information to help understand the circumstances, and hence determine the cause, of failure. CVR request that the Customer take all necessary precautions in returning GOODS to prevent damage or loss.

8 Customer Feedback

CVR welcomes and encourages Customer feedback to help continual improvement of the quality of GOODS and their supply.